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Money Spell II – More powerful than above, minimises the negative effects of financial crisis, financial downturn, recession, inflation, deflation, maximises financial growth and stability, facilitates collection and repayment of debts, loans, minimises expenses, creates more savings - suitable for an individual in business / career / profession / practice/ other. Need more than Money Spells... more like a complete personal overhaul?

Take Advantage of Opportunity Spell – helps you capitalise on, exploit, take advantage of opportunities in career / profession/ practice/ business / life. For More Career and Business Success Spells.
Gambling Luck Spell / Speculation Luck Spell – for better intuition, luck and timing in share markets, stock markets, lottery (lotteries), horse racing, scratch cards, betting, card games, casinos, magazine contests, TV contests, other forms of gambling luck and windfall luck.
Selling Property Spell - for selling land, buildings and other properties, clinch deals quickly and smoothly, gain good profit.
New Acquisitions Spell - for acquisition of new assets - vehicles, land, buildings, protecting existing assets from erosion.
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